United We Stand

United We Stand

In times of crisis, it is important to remember that solidarity is the power that keeps us all standing.

Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin, keeping a close eye to the situation, and acknowledging the very serious impact on the entertainment industry, has decided to create an awareness and support bartenders’ campaign in collaboration with NGOs fundraising for industry professionals.

Important note: Fundraising is not necessarily for the bartenders who will be taking part in the campaign, but for their colleagues most affected and facing significant problems – e.g. family, health, etc. – (people who have applied in the aforementioned NGOs).

About the Campaign: Bartenders / industry ambassadors that decide to take part in the campaign should make a cocktail with gin (ideally Mataroa Gin, but it doesn’t matter) at home, take a photo, and then send it to us at info@mataroagin.com. The photo will be featured on the brand profile if it meets the requirements*.

Should you decide to join, along with the photo you send us, we suggest that you invite 3 colleagues or more, so that the campaign chain doesn’t break.

The Nonprofit Organization of your choice (each participant chooses the NGO he or she would like to support) should be included at the end of the recipe text, asking people who will make this cocktail at home to make a donation.

Here is a set-up example

United We Stand

Cocktail Name
Bartender Name
If you liked the cocktail (or if are thinking about making it), support professional bartenders by making a donation (no matter how small) here
—> link

1. @name of a colleague
2. @name of a colleague
3. @name of a colleague


Mataroa Team