Mataroa Gin | Myconos calling ~ part II

Mataroa Gin | Myconos calling ~ part II

How was hospitality affected by the pandemic? @thanos_krimpouras, bar manager at @koursarosmykonos is talking about it with the Mataroa Gin team.

A situation like the pandemic certainly cannot be considered ideal in regards to the hospitality industry and our life in general. Being able to be with your loved ones in a bar or in a restaurant is one of the most beautiful daily habits. But, I have to say that the pandemic created new opportunities for many new businesses since delivery entered our lives for good. We had the chance to try food from restaurants that we didn’t have the opportunity to visit in the past. And when it came to alcohol, we started experimenting at home.

At the same time, another positive thing that came out of all this mess was that people were in a way forced to choose to “support” their neighborhood bars and cafes. As a result, these businesses not only were supported, but also given the opportunity to present their work. The only sure thing, and I say this with a dose of humor, is that  people, after the pandemic is over, will have appreciated a bit more the personnel in restaurants and bars who offer their services!

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