Mataroa Gin | Myconos calling ~ part I

Mataroa Gin | Myconos calling ~ part I

Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin is its people. Our most valued collaborators -and biggest fans- are professional bartenders, who have embraced us day-one and constantly turn our favorite spirit into state-of-art cocktails. In appreciation of their work, and with a big thank you for their passion, we ask them to share their secrets on how to make the perfect cocktail. Please welcome aboard Nick Avarkiotis!

How can someone make a perfect cocktail?

A combination of knowledge, imagination, technical skill and emotion: those are the “ingredients” that can make a cocktail the perfect choice for someone. There is no perfect cocktail, as this is something very subjective, that’s why I’m highlighting the word “choice”. There is no basic definition or recipe of how to achieve perfection.

We may aim for the best, the most creative, still the secret lays in the balance. Balance in flavors, and most importantly balanced understanding of a bartender and the person that the cocktail is being made for.

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