Women’s Day Activation

Women’s Day Activation

“You are a woman. That means that you have a thousand roles. And just as many powers, to make it through everything. One of those is your superpower.”

In collaboration with several top bars all over Greece, Mataroa Team created Superpower Signature Cocktails, especially for International Women’s Day. But we kept them a secret 🙊

We asked women to pick their own superpower, the one that speaks to their heart the most, and they enjoyed the surprise Mataroa Signature Cocktail that we created to go with it.

The event was a super success!

Thank you all for taking part, playing along and celebrating International Women’s Day 2023 with Mataroa Gin Family

You wish you could go out on the street and kiss everyone – well, not always. You never say no to a strong hug. Favorite quote: Love can do anything.

When others collapse, you keep going – nine times out of ten. You believe that things could always go worse, so thank God as it is. Favorite quote: This too shall pass.

For you, nothing is as high as a mountain. Only roads to travel. Your nickname is Miss Rock. Favorite quote: Everything is possible. And what isn’t, I can make it happen.

You have a solution to everything – even the unsolvable. Everybody turns to you for advice, maybe it’s time to start charging… Favorite quote: Creativity is seeing what everyone sees, but thinking what no one else has thought of.

You can’t stand yelling and being loud – oh, come on, maybe a little. When you see people fighting, you want to get in the middle and say peace. Favorite quote: All in good measure.

You are always ready to go out – or almost. And if you must stay home today, well, no problem either! You have a good time in too. Favorite quote: A day without a good laugh is a day wasted.