Tito Karipidis got inspired by our Mataroa Pink!

Tito Karipidis got inspired by our Mataroa Pink!

Τito (@titokaripidis) created a totally unexpected combination of our Mediterranean Pink Gin and the Japanese classic Sake, served exclusively at Birdman Athens (@birdmanathens)! Eager to taste it? Us too! So, read on: Tito reveals his inspiration while creating new cocktails.

Is there a “recipe” to create a delicious drink?

For me, Balance is the key word, the beginning and end of things. The ingredients that a bartender handpicks for the drink have to either be combined harmoniously or  “create” angles and tensions! Talent alone is not enough. If a talented person doesn’t read, if they don’t study, they will be just somebody with talent, and nothing more than that.

It is also necessary to constantly try new things, to smell everything, to go out and taste the work of your colleagues, without being judgmental. I know for a fact that you will come up with ten brand new ideas after going out a couple of times! I advise people to visit spice shops, buy stuff to try at home, expose themselves to as many smells as possible. All these things will help you start a new journey. I am always fascinated by this procedure!

Pink Martini 🍸

Ingredients ≈
Mataroa Pink Gin
Mezcal (3 drops)
Garnish: Picked Edamame