Holiday recommendations by Pavlos Kyriakis and Vassilis Kyritsis

Holiday recommendations by Pavlos Kyriakis and Vassilis Kyritsis


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Pavlos Kyriakis

“To me, Christmas tastes like gingerbread, but not the plain, chocolate-dipped kind. I really love this flavor, although my all-time favorite is mincemeat spaghetti – not very Christmassy, it’s true! For the holiday table, I recommend a tasty salad that will perfectly accompany whatever main course you decide to make.”

Salad with spinach, persimmon, goat cheese and truffle honey

Ingredients (4 people)

Wash the spinach and let it dry on a tray with kitchen paper. Dice the goat cheese, fine chop the almond, roll the cheese in the honey and bread with the almond. Cut the lotus into cubes and sprinkle it with some olive oil and vinegar. Put the spinach, chopped onion and lotus in a bowl. Mix the salad and put the cheese with the almond on top. Last step, in a bowl, make the vinaigrette with the oil, vinegar and truffle oil, and season the salad.

Vassilis Kyritsis
Co-owner of The Clumsies

“Our new menu at The Clumsies is aptly titled F<3lings (Feelings) and this cocktail comes from the Excitement category. From its name alone, it refers to a festive atmosphere, but also to the excitement that we all feel before the holidays.”