Pavlos Kyriakis makes Vasilopita with Mataroa Gin

Pavlos Kyriakis makes Vasilopita with Mataroa Gin

One of the best Greek chefs, twice awarded with a Michelin star, Pavlos Kyriakis, created a unique Vasilopita, the traditional Greek sweet which the Greeks bake for the first day of the year, but also throughout January.

Cutting the Vasilopita is an ancient Greek custom, one of the few that has been preserved to this day. It is a form of the custom of “the festive bread”, offered by the ancient Greeks and Romans to the gods during the great rural festivals, while it is also connected to the Christian tradition. Today, the Vasilopita, handmade or ready-made, is a tradition that everyone respects and keeps.

For the first time, the top chef adds gin to the ingredients, giving, with the help of Mataroa Gin, the best-selling Greek premium gin, a modern touch to this traditional delicacy.

Pavlos Kyriakis makes Vasilopita with Mataroa Gin

Mataroa Gin Vasilopita from Pavlos Kyriakis


About Chef Pavlos Kyriakis

Chef Pavlos Kyriakis studied cooking in Athens and worked at the Spondi restaurant (2* Michelin) for 6 years. His mentors are great chefs, acclaimed worldwide, such as Arnaud Bignon, Eric Frechon, William Mahi, Michel Del Burgo, all * Michelin awarded. Pavlos Kyriakis has worked in world class restaurants in Europe and America, and obtained his first Michelin star as Executive Chef at The Zillers in Athens. At The Zillers, where he has been the executive chef since 2019, he has created excellent menus, placing it in one of the top spots of Athenian Gastronomy. The consistency and talent of Pavlos Kyriakis earned The Zillers its first Michelin star in 2022, which it retained in 2023.

About Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin

A gin-savoring journey to the coasts of the Mediterranean. Distilled and bottled entirely in Greece, Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin takes precious ingredients from Mediterranean countries and makes a unique blend, consistent with the centennial experience of the Melissanidis distillery which produces it. Its secret recipe, the tests of which lasted over 4 years, promises to excite even the most demanding gin lovers. Find out more at