Mataroa partners with Martin Zupina

Mataroa partners with Martin Zupina

Greek brand Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin has worked with Martin Zupina, senior bartender of Mirror Bar in Bratislava, Slovakia, to create a signature cocktail.

The Soferinez is a variation on the Martinez cocktail, using Mataroa gin and homemade vermouth.

Zupina said that he fell in love with Mataroa before he even tasted it: “The story of the gin is wonderful, about connecting the Mediterranean world together in one bottle through its ingredients.

“The mixability in cocktails is beautiful because of its floral, refreshing aroma and really smooth, delicate flavour. It’s just superb.”

Zupina’s cocktail, named the Soferinez, is a variation on the Martinez. For inspiration, Zupina looked towards Chatam Sofer, a rabbi in Slovakia, as well as the origins of the Mataroa brand name. Mataroa was a ship that transported Hebrew refugees to Haifa in Israel after World War II.

He said: “Sofer was pretty famous in the Jewish community and he taught more than 500 students. That’s similar to the number of people transferred by Mataroa ship to Haifa. Just as Mataroa Gin connects countries, so did Chatam Sofer – connecting people in the community and worldwide.”

This year, the gin brand has collaborated with multiple bartenders on signature cocktails, including Popi SevastouTito KaripidisKonstantinos Theodorakopoulos and Marcos Chorattides.

Mataroa partners with Martin Zupina

To create the Soferinez, Zupina used homemade vermouth made with rotovaped plum cake and poppy roll (a traditional treat found in Bratislava). He then mixed that liquid with cream Sherry and sous-vided the mixture with wormwood and boldo leaves. “Jewish people have a similar cake – that’s why I chose it and mixed it with our tradition in Slovakia,” he explained.

Zupina credits Michael Dojčák – head bartender in the Sky bar in Bratislava – with helping to make the vermouth.

To make the Soferinez yourself, see below.

The Soferinez


Method: Stir ingredients in a coupe glass. Garnish with discarded lemon zest.