Mataroa invites Gorilla bar at the legendary Officina in Milano

Mataroa invites Gorilla bar at the legendary Officina in Milano

Mataroa joins the best guest shifts ever!

At Mataroa we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. We also believe in the transforming positive energy of bringing together people, philosophies, inspirations.

That’s why we facilitate guest shifts between great bars and tremendously talented bartenders.

On April 11th, it’s The Milan Landing x Mataroa Gin.

Thessaloniki’s @gorillabarskg* travels all the way to the @officina_milano in Milan, for an exclusive guest shift.

*Sakis Giartimidis and Danis Texnitis

Proud matchmaker for this collaboration and key ingredient for great Cocktails is, of course, Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin!

Thank you all for an inspiring night and a great collaboration.

About Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin

Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin is a sensory voyage along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Distilled and bottled in Greece, Mataroa Gin uses precious ingredients from the countries of the Mediterranean to make a unique blend, befitting the centennial know-how of the Melissanidi Distillery that produces it. Twelve unique botanicals, herbs and spices make up the ingredient list. The tests of its secret recipe lasted more than 4 years, and the final result will undoubtedly get the credit of the most demanding gin lovers.

As for the results that the Mediterranean vibes create, the numbers speak for themselves: within 4 years of its launch, Mataroa MDG already exports in 17 countries. Meanwhile, the second member of the Mataroa family, Mataroa Pink, launched in November 2020, already has its own fans thanks to its distinctive taste. Last, but not least, the upcoming launch of Mataroa Happy is expected to stir things up in the spirits business in Greece and abroad.

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