Mataroa Gin & Spirits Business Magazine project: Niki Tsourounakis

Mataroa Gin & Spirits Business Magazine project: Niki Tsourounakis

Niki Tsourounakis, owner and bartender at Bar Neon (Toronto, Canada,, creates a unique Mataroa Signature Cocktail, which showcases one of our favorite and rarest botanicals of the Mataroa blend.

In her own words: “I grew up in Canada and was raised by Greek parents who instilled how important Greece is to who I am. After spending every summer there as a child, I truly absorbed the culture, the people’s way of life, and the beautiful landscapes. I return every year, for more extended periods each year, and I plan to continue this tradition and to be able to share my culture and country with more people. 

I am proud of the quality of the produce and products from Greece, especially my family’s homeland of Crete, and I try to import and use as much as possible in our food and beverage program.

I opened Bar Neon to showcase Mediterranean-style drinks and dishes and share that with the people of Toronto. As a passionate Greek-Canadian, I will champion Greece at every opportunity!”

Niki Tsourounakis

Little Red Corvette – Ingredients  

Glass: Coupé

Garnish: Basil Leaf & a Dehydrated Strawberry

Method: Shake

Dry shake all ingredients.

Add ice, shake for 8 seconds and double strain.

Top with the grated mastic.

If you wonder what the sail with Mataroa’s unique blend tastes like, just take a sip.

Imagine and Mataroa will take you there.

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