Getting Ready for Xmas – Three Top Bars Create Mataroa Signature Xmas Cocktails

Getting Ready for Xmas – Three Top Bars Create Mataroa Signature Xmas Cocktails

While warming up for the most glamorous time of the year, Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin inspires three of its collaborators, friends, and top bartenders. Klearchos from Aquarella, Christos from Garçon and Achilleas from Purovōku create one Signature Cocktail each, and we can do nothing but admire their endless creativity and talent. Enjoy!


Aquarella – El barco de navidad

Method: Build (add the hot water last)

Glass: Cognac glass, previously warmed up

Garnish: Cloves, Cinnamon and Orange Peel used in the recipe

*Klearchos Livaditis, Head Bartender at Aquarella combined our story and the Christmas spirit, and named his cocktail El barco de navidad, meaning The Christmas Ship in Spanish.

Foto Credits: Kostas Koromilas


Garçon Brasserie – Le Voyage du Mataroa

Method: Stir

Glass: Old Fashioned

Garnish: Raspberry

*Christos Pousoulis, Bar Manager at Garçon Brasserie, built a cocktail based on memories, chosing as his inspiration Nelli Andrikopoulou, one of  Mataroa ship’s passengers, and her book, “To taksidi tou Mataroa” (Mataroa’s voyage in Greek), which also became a theatre play by Théâtre du Soleil.

Foto Credits: Giannis Tomtsis

Purovōku Project – Jingle sour 

Method: Shake

Glass: Old Fashioned with ice cube

Garnish: Homemade Almond-Vanilla Biscuit

*Achilleas Thanasoudas, co-owner, and bartender at Purovōku Project got inspired by the tastes and smells of Christmas, creating a delicious, festive cocktail with a homely, cuddling twist.

Foto Credits: Katerina Tschetiani